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Aug 15, 2018
203-727-5512 08:22pm Aug 15, 2018

Multiple, 50-100 calls a day from this number. I have it blocked on AT&T and I review the call log weekly.

Aug 15, 2018
806-318-1633 04:01pm Aug 15, 2018

Leaves a threatening recorded message

Aug 15, 2018
904-329-7685 03:47pm Aug 15, 2018

Didn\\\'t know the number, didn\\\'t answer. No message was left. Suspect spam.

Aug 15, 2018
443-615-3228 03:05pm Aug 15, 2018

I received a call from this number during the day at lunch time. They did not leave a message. I will not return the call. I did research on it. And the name Thomas Schmidt appears. I do not know this person. The call came from a wireless phone.

Aug 15, 2018
423-381-6243 11:38am Aug 15, 2018

I have no idea who Alisha Bibbs is but thats the name that came up with the phone number even though it stated private number when calling. I dont know if shes a telemarketer, salesperson and or making a scam call

Aug 15, 2018
619-202-5508 09:21am Aug 15, 2018

This person identified himself as Josh on a gay dating site. He asked me to meet him outside his building. He never showed up. He asked what I was wearing. He insisted I get out of the car rather than wait for him. I never heard from him again. Didn\\\'t even bother to say he wasn\\\'t coming. He just didn\\\'t respond to texts. Great guy. Waste of time!

Aug 14, 2018
952-220-2325 07:30pm Aug 14, 2018

Who is this

Aug 14, 2018
260-909-8278 05:37pm Aug 14, 2018

Robocaller left a voicemail indicating that if I didn\\\'t call back a warrant would be issued for my arrest. However, the robocall did not wait for my outgoing message to play before it started talking so I didn\\\'t hear where they claim to be from, or any other specifics.

Aug 14, 2018
941-217-8936 01:57pm Aug 14, 2018

This Caller left a msg with a mangled link meant to look like a Google link (they didn\\\'t try very hard) that leads to some Easy Financing Easy Money possible PHISHING site. And my number is in the National DO NOT CALL registry.

Aug 14, 2018
804-551-1411 01:36pm Aug 14, 2018

This number called and said that if I wanted to lower the interest rate on my credit card to press \\\"1\\\". When I did, some Indian sh*thead got on the line and started blubbering that he could lower the interest rates on my credit cards. I asked what bank he was calling from and he said he wasn\\\'t that he was with Experian and they were calling to lower the interest rates on my credit cards. I told him I was not interested and to please not call me again. He started yelling at me and I told him to stop yelling at me and that I was not interested and to not call me again. He got freakishly loud and belligerent and said with his thick Indian accent, \\\'Ma\\\'am what do you not understand!! I trying to help you, this is not a third party company!\\\" I told him I didnt care who he was with, dont call me again and screw off! I hung up. I tried to call the number back but it rang to a voicemail. I HATE TELEMARKETERS!

Aug 14, 2018
508-329-3882 12:45pm Aug 14, 2018

I have gotten 10 calls from your fax. PLEASE STOP.. This is a private residence and not the Doctor\\\'s office you keep trying to text.

Aug 14, 2018
972-483-9849 12:32pm Aug 14, 2018

car warranty scam

Aug 13, 2018
510-281-8956 11:19pm Aug 13, 2018

stop calling or the police will be contacted

Aug 13, 2018
865-285-7369 07:57pm Aug 13, 2018

Yes - They want give up - I have tried to block this number but no luck. I wish these
telephone nuts would get a real job and stop calling.

Aug 13, 2018
260-909-8278 07:14pm Aug 13, 2018

I think this number is a scam?

Aug 13, 2018
408-512-3482 05:21pm Aug 13, 2018

Stalker with a capital S!

Aug 13, 2018
808-255-6249 03:23pm Aug 13, 2018

This number is disturbing on my life she keep caling my fiance and i find her such an idiot, her name is Jeri i wish i could know more than this info about her and get to know her who is she

Aug 13, 2018
516-781-1294 12:18pm Aug 13, 2018

Caller ID states Wayne Siegel of Wantagh, NY. In reality, you get a Hispanic accent wanting credit card information to reduce your monthly payments. New version of an older SCAM, especially with using the same local exchange as mine.

Aug 12, 2018
619-345-7114 07:13pm Aug 12, 2018

619-345-7114 My husband finally came clean told me he met this person on backpage. We are trying to reconcile but this hooker wont stop calling him even after both have made request

Aug 12, 2018
619-468-4311 07:08pm Aug 12, 2018

619-468-4311 My husband finally came clean says it is a hooker me met backpage. I sent a text asking to leave us alone. Dejanique continues to call.