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Jan 16, 2019
769-487-4586 02:46am Jan 16, 2019

My life was threatened.

Jan 15, 2019
541-401-7614 04:27pm Jan 15, 2019

Ha there information is seriously out dated and they want you to pay! To funny

Jan 15, 2019
281-968-5548 03:40pm Jan 15, 2019

Received a call from this number stating that there was fraudulent activity associated with my social security number and warning me to call them to avoid legal action. There was no indication that they knew my SSN or my name

Jan 15, 2019
503-597-4781 03:28pm Jan 15, 2019

No message. \\\"This number is not in service\\\"

Jan 15, 2019
630-562-1449 11:56am Jan 15, 2019

yes plesese email.me

Jan 15, 2019
727-642-3022 07:27am Jan 15, 2019

calls, doesn\\\'t identify self and doesn\\\'t leave message. I returned call, woman answered and then hung up when I aked her why she was calling me

Jan 14, 2019
864-460-6105 08:11pm Jan 14, 2019

Left automated message that I couldn\\\'t understand except to Press 1!!! I\\\'m not stupid so I didn\\\'t answer No Name # !!! Don\\\'t answer these calls?

Jan 14, 2019
310-850-8151 07:46pm Jan 14, 2019

Yes caller says it’s a him spoofing this poor lady’s number with his poor ex girlfriend for 1 1/2 years

Jan 14, 2019
310-890-8914 07:43pm Jan 14, 2019

I have been told it’s a business then it ended up bring another spoof for supercool . It’s odd

Jan 14, 2019
510-701-9011 06:14pm Jan 14, 2019


Jan 14, 2019
727-642-3022 05:03pm Jan 14, 2019

called three times, didn\\\'t identify self and left no message. When I called a woman answered and when I asked why she had called and did not identify who she was and left no message, she hung up

Jan 14, 2019
937-605-1490 03:13pm Jan 14, 2019

Calls never leave message

Jan 14, 2019
302-966-9890 02:24pm Jan 14, 2019

Warehouse call center person (Indian) wants your name, address and Social for filing taxes

Jan 14, 2019
302-966-9890 02:20pm Jan 14, 2019

Huge scam caller - calls from a warehouse/call center; claims they will \\\"taxes\\\", and want all your private information including Social Security Number

Jan 13, 2019
480-412-4506 11:50am Jan 13, 2019

Stalker named James uses this number to harass. Don\\\'t callback contact local police.

Jan 13, 2019
352-272-4501 09:50am Jan 13, 2019

This little guy is a high school dropout. He lives with his parents and likes video games. Has a minimum wage job and will fuck your wife if he can. Pretty accomplished for 18!

Jan 13, 2019
443-313-9157 12:07am Jan 13, 2019

Scamming company that portrayed themselves as a clothing company that had a fake website and when you placed an order they took your money and no website to be found

Jan 12, 2019
512-527-9367 05:08pm Jan 12, 2019

trying to WORK & am quite SICK of spam calls; hey spammer, we\\\'ve turned in your KRK, Austin, Tx 78759 to law authorities - get ready creep!!!

Jan 12, 2019
909-562-1815 07:06am Jan 12, 2019

These pukes are thieves cash advance america is a scam by a bunch of lowlife east indianiggers

Jan 12, 2019
415-251-0844 07:03am Jan 12, 2019

These people are fucking straight up liars and thieves they stole from me thru my bank account commited fraud and they fuck sheep instead of women