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Mar 21, 2019
713-874-6753 09:12am Mar 21, 2019

calls and hangs up. calls and says nothing....

Mar 21, 2019
908-367-7712 05:20am Mar 21, 2019


Mar 20, 2019
917-915-1213 05:12pm Mar 20, 2019


Mar 20, 2019
310-308-9075 03:44pm Mar 20, 2019

repeated robo calls. block this number

Mar 20, 2019
615-671-6738 03:12pm Mar 20, 2019

dont know who it's from they dont leave a message and I dont answer calls it doesn't show the names

Mar 20, 2019
805-395-5971 01:42pm Mar 20, 2019

no one says anything

Mar 20, 2019
336-218-6513 10:19am Mar 20, 2019

They hung up when I said ~Hello~.

Mar 19, 2019
718-675-9353 11:58pm Mar 19, 2019

This number called me at 11pm! They left a vm about wanting to buy my property (I have no property). I've had many of these 'property for sale' calls from similar numbers.

Mar 19, 2019
250-945-4793 11:32pm Mar 19, 2019

This number sends a SMS message and link stating I have received a etransfer. Calling the number get a voice mail on first day. On second day calling number gets user unavailable. On third day call the number it is out of order! This is a scam ! Do not click link ! Etransfers do get sent by SMS !

Mar 19, 2019
662-302-2005 01:42pm Mar 19, 2019

These people pretend to be a medical company wanting to know I'd I have pain. They want to send me pain cream. I told them that Medicare will not cover such scams. She told me that I only have to talk to their doctor and my Supplement would pay for it not Medicare. I kept trying to explain to her that I don't have a supplement which I don't. She kept saying I do. I ask her how she could know more than I do about my own insurance. Finally I hung up. Federal Trade Commisson wants to hear about this kind of thing. I had gotten arm braces recently for carpal tunnel. Scammer!!!!!!

Mar 19, 2019
908-445-2816 01:18pm Mar 19, 2019

Calls 3 times daily for weeks. No response when answered.

Mar 19, 2019
240-329-0679 10:27am Mar 19, 2019

got woken up at 2:30 am on 3/19 with call from this number followed by 3 more calls minutes apart asking to be removed from this group message. Not a happy camper right now since I had to get up for work and never got fully back to sleep from these calls. Somewhere somehow these calls need to stop harassing people.

Mar 18, 2019
281-532-8059 03:23pm Mar 18, 2019


Mar 18, 2019
360-463-2380 01:08pm Mar 18, 2019

I received a brief call from this number. A man. Says I called him (I never had) and then silently hung up. My guess he is fishing for some information.

Mar 18, 2019
210-822-9438 11:33am Mar 18, 2019

Robo call

Mar 18, 2019
520-275-2453 05:08am Mar 18, 2019

This guy's name is DustinWehausen and he likes to pull out his penis while woman asleep and do random sex acts. He is a PERVERT!

Mar 17, 2019
217-769-5869 11:48pm Mar 17, 2019

Who is this

Mar 17, 2019
701-300-7834 05:49pm Mar 17, 2019

SCAMMER - says to receive $27 for working for Amazon - NOT TRUE. Beware of calls asking you to work for Amazon.

Mar 17, 2019
931-313-8343 10:08am Mar 17, 2019

Know no one in this area. Unsolicited and blocked.

Mar 16, 2019
512-525-9302 09:51pm Mar 16, 2019

they said they were after me