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Jul 16, 2019
716-320-9398 10:13am Jul 16, 2019

Called my 99 year old mother. Wanting to know where and my phone number Have no clue who this Erica is. This is harassment!

Jul 15, 2019
414-748-3266 11:12am Jul 15, 2019

No msg just calls going to block,,

Jul 14, 2019
618-599-6143 04:18pm Jul 14, 2019

Crooks - don't answer calls from lazy people that won't get a real job; when their calls are unanswered, they will stop bothering people.

Jul 13, 2019
719-550-8991 03:55pm Jul 13, 2019

Scam no message no name match local area robocall number. Scammer called earlier as 'Private name' 'Private number'. Repeat scammer calls using different numbers, IDs no msg and no name.

Jul 12, 2019
719-550-3619 06:27pm Jul 12, 2019

No message no name match local area number spoofed robocall. Repeat scammer called minutes earlier as 'Private name' and 'Private number' call ID. Calls using different numbers, fake IDs, or 'Anonymous'. Repeat harasser.

Jul 12, 2019
202-630-7836 05:41pm Jul 12, 2019

Automatic phone alert (Scam Likely) Caller left voice mail close quote not exact. "I was picked up for money I owe the government and to return call"

Jul 12, 2019
281-299-5103 09:43am Jul 12, 2019

Selling drugs

Jul 11, 2019
724-986-8610 10:36pm Jul 11, 2019

homosexual predator pervert

Jul 11, 2019
402-550-6772 08:25pm Jul 11, 2019

Scammer fake (Ann DeWitt) calls and uses webpage posing as agent of 'Ent Fed Credit' a local bank. Real bank posted notice the this number and webpage are not agents of the real Ent bank.

Jul 11, 2019
714-562-1523 04:26pm Jul 11, 2019


Jul 10, 2019
719-550-4393 09:57pm Jul 10, 2019

Spoofed no message no name match ID robocall unknown number by repeat scammer. Calls thruout day using different numbers fake IDs or'Anonymous'. Serial scammer.

Jul 10, 2019
702-834-9693 09:30pm Jul 10, 2019

No message no name match unknown robocall number marked 'Opinion'. Scammer calls thruout day using different numbers, fake IDs or 'Anonymous'.

Jul 10, 2019
720-457-6457 04:51pm Jul 10, 2019

likely scam caller that calls 8-12 times daily. They hang up before you can tell them not to call (not that I believe for an instance they would honor their legal duty to desist). p.o.s. human beings

Jul 10, 2019
805-503-3614 03:46pm Jul 10, 2019

Michelle discredits your anger with our family disrespecting our outstanding dedicated respect. Facebook reinstated as everyone discredits Darice stalking Keegan & family as clearly i accurate of stalking. We've always resolved yiur issues. Family stating true position of high-profile dedicated citizens! Please apologize to this family!!

Jul 10, 2019
678-516-1806 01:59pm Jul 10, 2019


Jul 9, 2019
780-404-3708 09:47pm Jul 9, 2019

they called and no aswer

Jul 9, 2019
719-550-9459 06:13pm Jul 9, 2019

No message no name match spoofed anonymous robocall. Hacker repeat calls using different local area numbers.

Jul 8, 2019
719-550-9655 09:04pm Jul 8, 2019

No message no name match anonymous spoofed local number robocall. Serial hacker repeat calls.

Jul 8, 2019
951-327-9241 05:36pm Jul 8, 2019

Claiming is the social security office. The lady has a thick accent

Jul 8, 2019
912-945-7652 03:41pm Jul 8, 2019