Area Code 815 Belongs to the State of Illinois (IL), US

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Details on Area Code 815

  • State: Illinois
  • Statewide Area Codes: 217, 224, 309, 312, 331, 618, 630, 708, 773, 779, 815, 847, 872
  • Cities: Amboy, Apple River, Ashkum, Ashton, Beaverville, Beloit, Belvidere, Braidwood, Byron, Cabery
  • Counties: Boone, Bureau, Carroll, Cook, De Kalb, Dekalb, Du Page, Ford, Grundy, Iroquois
  • Time Zone: UTC-6


Feb 19, 2019
815-745-8702 05:53pm Feb 19, 2019


Feb 18, 2019
815-306-0894 03:28pm Feb 18, 2019

This call is to collect home sale by owner information and may be recorded. The caller cannot provide detail or company data but said for a boss to contact seller. Never received the boss call.

Oct 5, 2018
815-709-1723 03:58pm Oct 5, 2018

Robo call - blocked now

Sep 12, 2018
815-342-1398 01:16pm Sep 12, 2018

Person called and hung up. Called the number back, and goes straight to VM

Apr 2, 2018
815-262-8556 04:40pm Apr 2, 2018

this number called twice in a row. no message, nothing.

Feb 9, 2018
815-822-1855 12:43pm Feb 9, 2018


Feb 5, 2018
815-715-1242 04:30am Feb 5, 2018

Free holiday etc.... Caller Message: Us or at our partner resorts previously and you earned enough points to secure you an amazingly drastically discounted holiday. So I'm just gonna offer you all of the details really fast is okay. Well you've been selected for a weeks holiday to Orlando Florida right next to Disney and you will also receive a three day two night stay on a beach in the Bahamas or we'll also provide you with the cruise for you to the island and rear. Now this advertising will be given to you in a resort employee speed which has never been achieved before and you and your family will find an entire holiday for 75% off the retail rate and you'll be able to choose your travel dates everywhere within the next 18 months and when that was not great enough qualified walkers will receive a complementary bonus present as well. So I simply have to ask a few questions to see if you qualify. Okay. Oh I am so sorry I just didn't hear that last part I simply need to ask you a couple of questions to see if you qualify. Is that fine. I need to ask a few questions to find out if you qualify. Okay. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Feb 4, 2018
815-464-8850 04:30am Feb 4, 2018

Never moved here. Caller Message: Appointment times which are before and after school or work. If we have your email, another communion thing you can do is on your email you'll received a reminder that you're due for your teeth and there is a book now button. You schedule from home on your own computer and can certainly do that. It'll link right to our system and give you an appointment to get your teeth cleaned if not you can still call us at the office but either way I replicate our record reveal that you're due for cleaning. Yes it's the time again I know time flies. So please give us a local call. We have loads and let's get your teeth cleaned or going to find the book now button and then get on our schedule. We look forward to seeing you shortly. Thank you have a fantastic day.

Feb 3, 2018
815-427-1023 04:30am Feb 3, 2018

The following number--815-427-1023--hijacked, commandeered, or else spoofed by Spam n' Spam operatives.
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Feb 2, 2018
815-427-1023 11:29am Feb 2, 2018

Another number--815-427-1023--hijacked, commandeered, or else spoofed by Spam n' Spam operatives.
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Area Interchange List under 815

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
815-200-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-201-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-202-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-203-XXXXJolietWill677560Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-204-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-205-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-206-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-207-XXXXJolietWill677560At&t - Local - Il
815-208-XXXXFultonWhiteside58498Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-209-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-210-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-212-XXXXJolietWill677560T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-213-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498United States Cellular Corp.
815-214-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
815-215-XXXXNew LenoxWill677560Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-216-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-217-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Digital Network Access Communicatio
815-218-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-219-XXXXLombardDu Page677560United States Cellular Corp.
815-220-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-221-XXXXLockportWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-222-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-223-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-224-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-225-XXXXMilledgevilleCarroll15387Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-226-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-227-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-228-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-229-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-230-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Teleport Communications Chicago
815-231-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-232-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-233-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-234-XXXXByronOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-235-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-236-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-237-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-238-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-239-XXXXPecatonicaWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-240-XXXXJolietWill677560Adbeep, Llc
815-241-XXXXNorthbrookCook5194675American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-242-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-243-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp.
815-244-XXXXMt CarrollCarroll15387Gallatin River Communications
815-245-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-246-XXXXEarlvilleLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-247-XXXXPecatonicaWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-248-XXXXDurandWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-249-XXXXGrand RidgeLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-250-XXXXElmhurstDu Page677560Insight Phone Of Illinois, Llc - Il
815-251-XXXXRock FallsWhiteside58498Gallatin River Communications
815-252-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-253-XXXXKemptonFord14081Frontier Communications Of Illinois
815-254-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-255-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Adbeep, Llc
815-256-XXXXStelleFord14081Stelle Tel Co
815-257-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-258-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-259-XXXXThomsonCarroll15387Gallatin River Communications
815-260-XXXXJolietWill677560United States Cellular Corp.
815-261-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-262-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-263-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-264-XXXXWatermanDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-265-XXXXGilmanIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-266-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-267-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-268-XXXXOnargaIroquois29718Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-269-XXXXDanforthIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-270-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-271-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
815-272-XXXXJolietWill677560Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
815-273-XXXXSavannaCarroll15387Gallatin River Communications
815-274-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-275-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-276-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-277-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Teleport Communications Chicago
815-278-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-279-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-280-XXXXJolietWill677560T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-281-XXXXGalenaJo Daviess22678United States Cellular Corp.
815-282-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-283-XXXXJolietWill677560A Beep Llc
815-284-XXXXDixonLee36031Gallatin River Communications
815-285-XXXXDixonLee36031Gallatin River Communications
815-286-XXXXHinckleyDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-287-XXXXVeronaGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-288-XXXXDixonLee36031Gallatin River Communications
815-289-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-290-XXXXChicagoCook5194675At&t - Local - Il
815-291-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-292-XXXXCaledoniaBoone54165Bergen Tel Co - Wi
815-293-XXXXRomeovilleWill677560At&t - Local - Il
815-294-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-295-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-297-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-298-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-299-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-300-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-301-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-302-XXXXJolietWill677560T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-303-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-304-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-305-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-306-XXXXLockportWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-307-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-308-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760At&t - Local - Il
815-309-XXXXShannonCarroll15387Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-310-XXXXUticaLa Salle0Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-312-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
815-313-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-314-XXXXManhattanWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-315-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-316-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-317-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-318-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-319-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-320-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-321-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Paetec Communications, Inc. - Il
815-322-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-323-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-324-XXXXJolietWill677560Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
815-325-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-326-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-327-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-328-XXXXLockportWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-329-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-330-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-331-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-332-XXXXCherry ValleyWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-333-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-334-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-335-XXXXWinnebagoWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-336-XXXXMilledgevilleCarroll15387Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-337-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-338-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-339-XXXXGranvillePutnam6006Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-340-XXXXPeoriaPeoria186494Insight Phone Of Illinois, Llc - Il
815-341-XXXXJolietWill677560Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-342-XXXXJolietWill677560Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-343-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-344-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-345-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-346-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-347-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-348-XXXXLockportWill677560Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-349-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-350-XXXXFranklin GroveLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-351-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-352-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-353-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-354-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-355-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-356-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-357-XXXXSenecaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-358-XXXXCornellLivingston38950C-R Tel Co
815-359-XXXXHarmonLee36031Gallatin River Communications
815-360-XXXXSubletteLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-361-XXXXManhattanWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-362-XXXXGerman ValleyStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-363-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-364-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-365-XXXXReddickKankakee113449Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-366-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-367-XXXXWinslowStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-368-XXXXLostantLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-369-XXXXLenaStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-370-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-371-XXXXUticaLa Salle0Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-372-XXXXRomeovilleWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-373-XXXXJolietWill677560Adbeep, Llc
815-374-XXXXJolietWill677560Adbeep, Llc
815-375-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160United States Cellular Corp.
815-376-XXXXOhioBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-377-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-378-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-379-XXXXWalnutBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-380-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-381-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-382-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-383-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-384-XXXXMaltaDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-385-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-386-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-387-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-388-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-389-XXXXBeloitWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-390-XXXXBraidwoodWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-391-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-392-XXXXKinsmanGrundy50063Kinsman Mutual Tel Co
815-393-XXXXMonroe CenterOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-394-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-395-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-396-XXXXStewardLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-397-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-398-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-399-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-400-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-401-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-402-XXXXGalenaJo Daviess22678Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-403-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-404-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Paetec Communications, Inc. - Il
815-405-XXXXJolietWill677560Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-406-XXXXByronOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-407-XXXXRomeovilleWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-408-XXXXUticaLa Salle0Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-409-XXXXJolietWill677560Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-410-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-412-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-413-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-414-XXXXEarlvilleLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-415-XXXXSenecaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-416-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-417-XXXXBraidwoodWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-418-XXXXManhattanWill677560Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-419-XXXXPontiacLivingston38950At&t - Local - Il
815-420-XXXXMaltaDekalb105160Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-421-XXXXHerscherKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-422-XXXXSt AnneKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-423-XXXXElwoodWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-424-XXXXElwoodWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-425-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-426-XXXXHerscherKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-427-XXXXSt AnneKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-428-XXXXMartintonIroquois29718Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-429-XXXXSheldonIroquois29718Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-430-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-431-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-432-XXXXWatsekaIroquois29718Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-433-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-434-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-435-XXXXBeavervilleIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-436-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-437-XXXXPutnamPutnam6006Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-438-XXXXTampicoWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-439-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-440-XXXXDixonLee36031Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-441-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-442-XXXXTonicaLa Salle0Tonica Tel Co
815-443-XXXXPearl CityStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-444-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-445-XXXXSheffieldBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-446-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-447-XXXXSpring ValleyBureau34978Frontier Communications Of Depue, I
815-448-XXXXMazonGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-449-XXXXDakotaStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-450-XXXXMomenceKankakee113449Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-451-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-452-XXXXTolucaMarshall16335Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-453-XXXXAshtonLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-454-XXXXSheffieldBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-455-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-456-XXXXFranklin GroveLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-457-XXXXCissna ParkIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-458-XXXXBraidwoodWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-459-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-460-XXXXJolietWill677560Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-461-XXXXLockportWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-462-XXXXNew LenoxWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-463-XXXXNew LenoxWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-464-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-465-XXXXGrant ParkKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-466-XXXXGrant ParkKankakee113449Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-467-XXXXMinookaGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-468-XXXXMantenoKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-469-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-470-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-471-XXXXWatsekaIroquois29718Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-472-XXXXMomenceKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-473-XXXXWatsekaIroquois29718Verizon South Inc. - Il
815-474-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-475-XXXXYorkvilleKendall114736Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-476-XXXXWilmingtonWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-477-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-478-XXXXManhattanWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-479-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-481-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-482-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-483-XXXXJolietWill677560Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-484-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-485-XXXXNew LenoxWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-486-XXXXDonovanIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-487-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-488-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-489-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-490-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-491-XXXXJolietWill677560Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
815-492-XXXXApple RiverJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-493-XXXXLanarkCarroll15387Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-494-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-495-XXXXLelandLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-496-XXXXSheridanLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-497-XXXXComptonLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-498-XXXXSomonaukDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-499-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-500-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-501-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-502-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-503-XXXXMendotaLa Salle0Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
815-504-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-505-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-506-XXXXUnionMchenry308760Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-507-XXXXMomenceKankakee113449Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-508-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-509-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-510-XXXXJolietWill677560Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-512-XXXXLockportWill677560Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-513-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-514-XXXXJolietWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-515-XXXXWatsekaIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-516-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-517-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
815-518-XXXXCoal CityGrundy50063Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-519-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-520-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-521-XXXXMinookaGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-522-XXXXKirklandDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-523-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Teleport Communications Chicago
815-524-XXXXLockportWill677560Teleport Communications Chicago
815-525-XXXXBeloitWinnebago295266Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Wi
815-526-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-527-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-528-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-529-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-530-XXXXJolietWill677560Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-531-XXXXJolietWill677560Teleport Communications Chicago
815-532-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
815-533-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Beepermart, Inc.
815-534-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-535-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-536-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675Metrocall
815-537-XXXXProphetstownWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-538-XXXXMendotaLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-539-XXXXMendotaLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-540-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-541-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-542-XXXXTampicoWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-543-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-544-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-545-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-546-XXXXJolietWill677560Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-547-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-548-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-549-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
815-550-XXXXGrant ParkKankakee113449Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-551-XXXXSavannaCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-552-XXXXLockportWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-553-XXXXJolietWill677560Ovation Communications Of Illinois,
815-554-XXXXEast DubuqueJo Daviess22678Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-555-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-556-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-557-XXXXJolietWill677560Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-558-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp.
815-559-XXXXFultonWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-560-XXXXHarvardMchenry308760Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-561-XXXXRochelleOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-562-XXXXRochelleOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-563-XXXXDakotaStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-564-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-565-XXXXMorrisonWhiteside58498Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-566-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-567-XXXXEmingtonLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-568-XXXXMarengoMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-569-XXXXCapronBoone54165Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-570-XXXXSandwichDekalb105160Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-571-XXXXDekalbDe Kalb105160Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-572-XXXXMarengoMchenry308760Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-573-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-574-XXXXHarmonLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-575-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-576-XXXXPoloOgle53497Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-577-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-578-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-579-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
815-580-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266At&t - Local - Il
815-581-XXXXSpring GroveMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-582-XXXXJolietWill677560T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-583-XXXXMorrisonWhiteside58498Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-584-XXXXDwightLivingston38950Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-585-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-586-XXXXRansomLa Salle0C-R Tel Co
815-587-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-588-XXXXLockportWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-589-XXXXFultonWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-590-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Il
815-591-XXXXHanoverJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-592-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-593-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160At&t - Local - Il
815-594-XXXXApple RiverJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-595-XXXXOregonOgle53497At&t - Local - Il
815-596-XXXXChicagoCook5194675Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-597-XXXXGarden PrairieBoone54165Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-598-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-599-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-600-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-601-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Bitwise Communications, Inc. - Il
815-602-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-603-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-604-XXXXDixonLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-605-XXXXGrant ParkKankakee113449Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-606-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Globalcom, Inc.-Il
815-607-XXXXFlanaganLivingston38950Bitwise Communications, Inc. - Il
815-608-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-609-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-610-XXXXCornellLivingston38950Bitwise Communications, Inc. - Il
815-612-XXXXGraymontLivingston38950Bitwise Communications, Inc. - Il
815-613-XXXXMt CarrollCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-614-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-615-XXXXMendotaLa Salle0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-616-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-617-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0At&t - Local - Il
815-618-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-619-XXXXRocktonWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-620-XXXXProphetstownWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-621-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-622-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-623-XXXXRoscoeWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-624-XXXXRocktonWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-625-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-626-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-627-XXXXPaw PawLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-628-XXXXWest BrooklynLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-629-XXXXDurandWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-630-XXXXChicagoCook5194675T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-631-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-632-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-633-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-634-XXXXCoal CityGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-635-XXXXChatsworthLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-636-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-637-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-638-XXXXLa MoilleBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-639-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-640-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Teleport Communications Chicago
815-641-XXXXHickory HillsCook5194675Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-642-XXXXMinookaGrundy50063Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-643-XXXXMaldenBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-644-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-645-XXXXStillman ValleyOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-646-XXXXTiskilwaBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-647-XXXXCullomLivingston38950Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-648-XXXXHebronMchenry308760Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-649-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-650-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711At&t - Local - Il
815-651-XXXXJolietWill677560Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-652-XXXXDixonLee36031Gallatin River Communications
815-653-XXXXWonder LakeMchenry308760Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-654-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-655-XXXXMilledgevilleCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-656-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-657-XXXXForrestLivingston38950Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-658-XXXXLanarkCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-659-XXXXHennepinPutnam6006Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-660-XXXXLockportWill677560Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-661-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-662-XXXXMomenceKankakee113449Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-663-XXXXSpring ValleyBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-664-XXXXSpring ValleyBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-665-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-666-XXXXHickory HillsCook5194675Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-667-XXXXUticaLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-668-XXXXJolietWill677560American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-669-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-670-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-671-XXXXJolietWill677560Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-672-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-673-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-674-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-675-XXXXSpring GroveMchenry308760Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-676-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-677-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-678-XXXXRichmondMchenry308760Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-679-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-680-XXXXManhattanWill677560Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-681-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-682-XXXXMilfordIroquois29718Verizon South Inc. - Il
815-683-XXXXCrescent CityIroquois29718Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-684-XXXXChadwickCarroll15387Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-685-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-686-XXXXPiper CityFord14081Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-687-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-688-XXXXStrawnLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-689-XXXXCullomLivingston38950Frontier Communications Of Illinois
815-690-XXXXJolietWill677560United States Cellular Corp.
815-691-XXXXUticaLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-692-XXXXFairburyLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-693-XXXXJolietWill677560Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-694-XXXXCliftonIroquois29718Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-695-XXXXNewarkKendall114736Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-696-XXXXRoscoeWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-697-XXXXChebanseIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-698-XXXXAshkumIroquois29718Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-699-XXXXWyanetBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-701-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-702-XXXXSauneminLivingston38950Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-703-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-704-XXXXBeloitWinnebago295266Mcleodusa Telecommunication Service
815-705-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Teleport Communications Chicago
815-706-XXXXLyndonWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-707-XXXXGilmanIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-708-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Insight Phone Of Illinois, Llc - Il
815-709-XXXXCoal CityGrundy50063Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-710-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063At&t - Local - Il
815-712-XXXXHarvardMchenry308760Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-713-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-714-XXXXJolietWill677560Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-715-XXXXJolietWill677560Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-716-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-717-XXXXNew LenoxWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-718-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-719-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-720-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-721-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266At&t - Local - Il
815-722-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-723-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-724-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-725-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-726-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-727-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-728-XXXXWonder LakeMchenry308760Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-729-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-730-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-731-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-732-XXXXOregonOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-733-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Tds Metrocom, Inc. - Il
815-734-XXXXMt MorrisOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-735-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-736-XXXXLisbonKendall114736Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-737-XXXXCapronBoone54165Sharon Tel Co - Wi
815-738-XXXXLeaf RiverOgle53497Leaf River Telephone Co
815-739-XXXXSycamoreDekalb105160Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-740-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-741-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-742-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-743-XXXXGraymontLivingston38950Frontier Communications-Prairie, In
815-744-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-745-XXXXWarrenJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-746-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-747-XXXXEast DubuqueJo Daviess22678Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-748-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-749-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Answer America Dba Answer Usa
815-750-XXXXMarseillesLa Salle0Marseilles Tel Co Of Marseilles
815-751-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Contel Cellular, Inc.
815-752-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-753-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-754-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-755-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-756-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-757-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-758-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-759-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-760-XXXXHennepinPutnam6006Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-761-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Contel Cellular, Inc.
815-762-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-763-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Answer America Dba Answer Usa
815-764-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-765-XXXXPoplar GroveBoone54165Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-766-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-767-XXXXLa Grange ParkCook5194675American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-768-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-769-XXXXSenecaLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-770-XXXXHarvardMc Henry515269Charter Fiberlink - Illinois, Llc -
815-771-XXXXAshkumIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-772-XXXXMorrisonWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-773-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-774-XXXXJolietWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-775-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
815-776-XXXXGalenaJo Daviess22678Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-777-XXXXGalenaJo Daviess22678Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-778-XXXXLyndonWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-780-XXXXLa SalleLa Salle0Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-781-XXXXChebanseIroquois29718Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-782-XXXXPlainfieldWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-783-XXXXGilmanIroquois29718Rcn Telecom Services Of Illinois, I
815-784-XXXXGenoaDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-785-XXXXWatsekaIroquois29718Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-786-XXXXSandwichDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-787-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-788-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-789-XXXXOrangevilleStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-790-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-791-XXXXJolietWill677560Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-792-XXXXHardingLa Salle0Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-793-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-794-XXXXMarseillesLa Salle0Marseilles Tel Co Of Marseilles
815-795-XXXXMarseillesLa Salle0Marseilles Tel Co Of Marseilles
815-796-XXXXFlanaganLivingston38950Frontier Communications-Prairie, In
815-797-XXXXSomonaukDekalb105160Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-798-XXXXMilledgevilleCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-799-XXXXSterlingWhiteside58498Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-800-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Mediacom Telephony Of Illinois
815-801-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-802-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-803-XXXXByronOgle53497Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-804-XXXXPecatonicaWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-805-XXXXDurandWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-806-XXXXFrankfortWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-807-XXXXGerman ValleyStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-808-XXXXWinslowStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-809-XXXXLenaStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-810-XXXXPearl CityStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-812-XXXXDakotaStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-813-XXXXApple RiverJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-814-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-816-XXXXDakotaStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-817-XXXXHanoverJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-818-XXXXWarrenJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-819-XXXXOrangevilleStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-820-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-821-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711United States Cellular Corp.
815-822-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-823-XXXXJolietWill677560Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-824-XXXXShabbonaDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-825-XXXXMaltaDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-826-XXXXSomonaukDekalb105160Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-827-XXXXMaple ParkKane515269Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-828-XXXXMinookaGrundy50063Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-829-XXXXChadwickCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-830-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-831-XXXXDavisStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-832-XXXXSauneminLivingston38950Frontier Communications Of Illinois
815-833-XXXXMc ConnellStephenson47711Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-834-XXXXLockportWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-835-XXXXDixonLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-836-XXXXLockportWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-837-XXXXForrestonOgle53497Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-838-XXXXLockportWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-839-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-840-XXXXStocktonJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-841-XXXXMt MorrisOgle53497Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-842-XXXXPontiacLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-843-XXXXAshtonLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-844-XXXXPontiacLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-845-XXXXScales MoundJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-846-XXXXJolietWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-847-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sbc Internet Services, Inc.
815-848-XXXXPontiacLivingston38950Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-849-XXXXSubletteLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-850-XXXXPecatonicaWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-851-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Arch Wireless Holdings, Inc.
815-852-XXXXScales MoundJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-853-XXXXWenonaMarshall16335Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-854-XXXXLong PointLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-855-XXXXDekalbDe Kalb105160Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-856-XXXXTonicaLa Salle0Leonore Mutual Tel Co
815-857-XXXXAmboyLee36031Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-858-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-859-XXXXRock FallsWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-860-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Adbeep, Llc
815-861-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-862-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-863-XXXXRutlandLa Salle0Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-864-XXXXShannonCarroll15387Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-865-XXXXDavisStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-866-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-867-XXXXPontiacLivingston38950Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
815-868-XXXXMc ConnellStephenson47711Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-869-XXXXMagnoliaPutnam6006Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-870-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Heartland Communications, Inc.
815-871-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-872-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-873-XXXXNew MilfordWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-874-XXXXNew MilfordWinnebago295266Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-875-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-876-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-877-XXXXLoves ParkWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-878-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-879-XXXXPrincetonBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-880-XXXXWoodstockMchenry308760Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-881-XXXXOregonOgle53497Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-882-XXXXMc NabbPutnam6006Mcnabb Tel Co
815-883-XXXXOglesbyLa Salle0Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-884-XXXXHarvardMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-885-XXXXCaledoniaBoone54165Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-886-XXXXRomeovilleWill677560Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-887-XXXXHarvardMchenry308760Teleport Communications Chicago
815-888-XXXXDekalbDe Kalb105160Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-889-XXXXMilfordIroquois29718Verizon South Inc. - Il
815-890-XXXXNew MilfordWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-891-XXXXWinnebagoWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-892-XXXXShannonCarroll15387Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-893-XXXXCrystal LakeMchenry308760Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-894-XXXXLaddBureau34978Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-895-XXXXSycamoreDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-896-XXXXDurandWinnebago295266Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-897-XXXXLyndonWhiteside58498Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-898-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-899-XXXXSycamoreDekalb105160Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-900-XXXXNorthbrookCook5194675Insight Phone Of Illinois, Llc - Il
815-901-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Comcast Phone Of Illinois, Llc - Il
815-902-XXXXLyndonWhiteside58498Xo Illinois, Inc.
815-903-XXXXMchenryMchenry308760American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-904-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-905-XXXXLockportWill677560Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-906-XXXXDekalbDe Kalb105160Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-907-XXXXMantenoKankakee113449Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-908-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-909-XXXXDekalbDekalb105160Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-910-XXXXMendotaLa Salle0Illinois Valley Cellular Rsa 2-I Pa
815-912-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-913-XXXXJolietWill677560Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-914-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Sprint Spectrum L.P.
815-915-XXXXCoal CityGrundy50063Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-916-XXXXMinookaGrundy50063Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-917-XXXXRochelleOgle53497Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-918-XXXXCliftonIroquois29718Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. - Il
815-919-XXXXJolietWill677560T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-920-XXXXCornellLivingston38950Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-921-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-922-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-923-XXXXUnionMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-924-XXXXProphetstownWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-925-XXXXHennepinPutnam6006Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-926-XXXXWilmingtonWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-927-XXXXJolietWill677560Broadwing Communications, Llc - Il
815-928-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-929-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-930-XXXXElizabethJo Daviess22678Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-931-XXXXJolietWill677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-932-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-933-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-934-XXXXEmingtonLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-935-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-936-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-937-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-938-XXXXForrestonOgle53497Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-939-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-940-XXXXGardnerGrundy50063Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-941-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-942-XXXXMorrisGrundy50063Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-943-XXXXHarvardMchenry308760Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-944-XXXXSaint AnneKankakee113449Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-945-XXXXChenoaMclean169572Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-946-XXXXPoloOgle53497Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-947-XXXXStocktonJo Daviess22678Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-948-XXXXProphetstownWhiteside58498Citizens Tel. Co. Of Il Dba Frontie
815-949-XXXXCaberyFord14081Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-951-XXXXAmboyLee36031Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-952-XXXXLanarkCarroll15387Aero Communications, Inc. - Il
815-953-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-954-XXXXKankakeeKankakee113449Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-955-XXXXJolietWill677560Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-956-XXXXMorrisonWhiteside58498Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-957-XXXXRocktonWinnebago295266Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-958-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-959-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co
815-960-XXXXLeaf RiverOgle53497North County Communication Corporat
815-961-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-962-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-963-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-964-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-965-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-966-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-967-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-968-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-969-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-970-XXXXSycamoreDekalb105160Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-971-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-972-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-973-XXXXDixonLee36031United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-974-XXXXTampicoWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-975-XXXXBelvidereBoone54165Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-977-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Mci Worldcom Communications, Inc. -
815-978-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-979-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-980-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-981-XXXXOttawaLa Salle0Level 3 Communications, Llc - Il
815-982-XXXXTampicoWhiteside58498Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-983-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266American Messaging (Am), Inc.
815-984-XXXXWellingtonIroquois29718Verizon South Inc. - Il
815-985-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-986-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Us Xchange Of Illinois, L.L.C. Dba
815-987-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266Illinois Bell Tel Co - Il
815-988-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266United States Cellular Corp. - Illi
815-989-XXXXProphetstownWhiteside58498Sprint Communications Company, L.P.
815-990-XXXXFreeportStephenson47711Cellco Partnership Dba Verizon Wire
815-991-XXXXSycamoreDekalb105160Essex Telcom, Inc.
815-992-XXXXStreatorLa Salle0Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-993-XXXXWillowbrookDu Page677560Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, L
815-994-XXXXDixonLee36031Nextel Communications, Inc.
815-995-XXXXDekalbDe Kalb105160Blue Licenses Holding, Llc
815-996-XXXXDixonLee36031Nextel Partners Operating Corp.
815-997-XXXXRockfordWinnebago295266T-Mobile Usa, Inc.
815-998-XXXXOdellLivingston38950Verizon North Inc. - Il
815-999-XXXXJolietWill677560United States Cellular Corp.



Triad Wireless has been fortunate enough to have tremendous growth in the last few years. A few reasons: our location, our competitors not investing in their infrastructure, great staff, and some of ...

GPS sync, TDMA, kids in 3rd grade class, what do they all have in common? They are all designed to make someone take their turn. Imagine what a classroom would be like if every kid spoke at the same t...