Area Code 308 Belongs to the State of Nebraska (NE), US

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Details on Area Code 308

  • State: Nebraska
  • Statewide Area Codes: 308, 402, 531
  • Cities: Alliance, Alma, Amelia, Amherst, Anselmo, Ansley, Arapahoe, Arcadia, Arnold, Arthur
  • Counties: Arthur, Blaine, Boone, Box Butte, Buffalo, Chase, Cherry, Cheyenne, Custer, Dawes
  • Time Zone: UTC-6/-7


Jun 18, 2019
308-390-5740 02:50pm Jun 18, 2019

texted extremely obscene messages

Jun 6, 2019
308-569-8850 10:35pm Jun 6, 2019

Scammers saying I have a refund back to me as they were closing their comuptor service support for me. They want my bank account numbers to deposit my refund!! SCAM

Jan 16, 2018
308-530-9429 04:30am Jan 16, 2018

<p>Florida Vacation. </p>Caller Message: Us or in our partner resorts in the past and you got enough points to get you an incredibly radically discounted vacation. So I am just gonna give you all of the details really quick is that fine. Well you have been chosen for a weeks vacation to Orlando Florida right next to Disney and you'll also get a 3 day two night stay on a beach in the Bahamas we will also supply you with the cruise to get you to the island and rear. Now this advertising will be given to you in a resort employee speed which has never been achieved before and you and your family will find an entire holiday for 75% off the retail rate and you'll be able to choose your travel dates everywhere within the next 18 months and when that was not great enough qualified walkers will receive a complementary bonus present as well. So I simply need to ask a few questions to find out if you qualify. Okay. Oh I'm so sorry I simply didn't hear that last part I just have to ask you a few questions to find out if you qualify. Is that okay. I simply need to ask a few questions to find out if you qualify. Okay. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Nov 29, 2017
308-750-2220 04:30am Nov 29, 2017

Interest rate scam. Caller Message: Count there is no problems now with your account. It is urgent but that you contact us concerning your eligibility for reducing your interest rates to as little as 6.9 percent your eligibility expires shortly, so please think about your final notice please press 1 now in your phone to talk with a live operator and lower your rates of interest or press 2 to stop further finds. Thank you and have a great day.

Nov 16, 2017
308-737-3133 04:30am Nov 16, 2017

Robo called

Nov 7, 2017
308-339-3411 04:30am Nov 7, 2017

Confused why I'm getting this voicemail sounds like a trick. Just be careful . Caller Message: If you have over 10,000 in credit card or unsecured debt the US Consumer Protection Agency has passed new laws to protect consumers from price gouging. If you believe you received this call in error press nine and you'll be added to our do not call list or press five for a free consultation with one of our financial experts to confirm if you qualify for these programs now.

Nov 5, 2017
308-737-5126 03:30am Nov 5, 2017

Robo caller. Caller Message: we're here to assist and We all know there's been a great deal of confusion with all the changes occurring with Health Care. I have a few quick questions that I will get you directly over to an insurance expert. Let us start with a simple one. Are you looking for insurance coverage. I didn't hear you properly are you interested in finding insurance coverage that is affordable. Are you looking for insurance coverage. Thank you and have a nice day.

Aug 30, 2017
308-250-0277 04:30am Aug 30, 2017

<p>Yes she downloads and tracks my on line Action then Rodd Russel her boyfriend threatens me with it</p>

May 10, 2017
308-555-0196 04:43am May 10, 2017

Keeps. Recognized as assistance. Also location is inside the 402 area code, not 308.

Jan 14, 2017
308-324-2167 04:30am Jan 14, 2017

Ole c**p about reducing interest rates - range that is different

Area Interchange List under 308

Area Interchange City County Population Network Operator
308-201-XXXXEricsonWheeler818Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-202-XXXXArcadiaValley517110Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-203-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-207-XXXXChadronDawes9182Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-209-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-210-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
308-212-XXXXWestervilleCuster10939Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-214-XXXXSargentCuster10939Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-215-XXXXSargentCuster10939Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-216-XXXXSheltonBuffalo46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-217-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
308-218-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Windstream Communications Of T
308-219-XXXXNorth LoupValley517110Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-220-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-221-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407At&t - Local - Ne
308-222-XXXXMillerBuffalo46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-223-XXXXGreeleyGreeley2538Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-224-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ne
308-225-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
308-226-XXXXDannebrogHoward6274Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-227-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Sprint Spectrum L.P.- Ne
308-228-XXXXElsiePerkins2970Elsie Communications, Inc.
308-229-XXXXLymanScotts Bluff36970Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
308-230-XXXXKimballKimball3821Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-231-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-232-XXXXHay SpringsSheridan5469Great Plains Communications Inc
308-233-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-234-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-235-XXXXKimballKimball3821United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-236-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-237-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-238-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-239-XXXXPaxtonKeith8368Consolidated Telco Inc
308-240-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-241-XXXXKimballKimball3821Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-244-XXXXBushnellKimball3821Rt Communications
308-245-XXXXNorth LoupValley517110Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-246-XXXXWolbachGreeley2538Great Plains Communications Inc
308-247-XXXXMorrillScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-248-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607At&t - Local - Ne
308-249-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-250-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-254-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-255-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-258-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607At&t - Local - Ne
308-262-XXXXBridgeportMorrill5042Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-263-XXXXFunkPhelps9188Glenwood Tel Membership Corp
308-265-XXXXHendleyFurnas4959Arapahoe Tel Co
308-268-XXXXBeaver CityFurnas4959Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-269-XXXXNaponeeFranklin3225Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-275-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-276-XXXXStrattonHitchcock2908Great Plains Communications Inc
308-278-XXXXCulbertsonHitchcock2908Great Plains Communications Inc
308-279-XXXXBridgeportMorrill5042Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-280-XXXXOgallalaKeith8368United States Cellular - Ne
308-282-XXXXGordonSheridan5469Great Plains Communications Inc
308-284-XXXXOgallalaKeith8368Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-285-XXXXPalisadeHitchcock2908Great Plains Communications Inc
308-286-XXXXHayes CenterHayes967Great Plains Communications Inc
308-287-XXXXBruleKeith8368Arapahoe Tel Co
308-289-XXXXOgallalaKeith8368Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-293-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-295-XXXXGrand IsGrand Is0Kmc Telecom V, Inc. - Ne
308-297-XXXXHaiglerDundy2008Hartman Tel Exch Inc
308-313-XXXXHemingfordBox Butte11308Mobius Communications Company
308-320-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326United States Cellular - Ne
308-324-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-325-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-326-XXXXMadridPerkins2970Consolidated Telco Inc
308-327-XXXXRushvilleSheridan5469Great Plains Communications Inc
308-328-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Southwestern Bell - Ks
308-334-XXXXTrentonHitchcock2908Great Plains Communications Inc
308-335-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Peetz Coop Tel Co
308-336-XXXXFarwellHoward6274Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-337-XXXXHoldregePhelps9188Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-338-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-339-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Ymax Communications Corp Ne
308-340-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-344-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-345-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-346-XXXXBurwellGarfield2049Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-348-XXXXAmeliaHolt10435Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-349-XXXXWilsonvilleFurnas4959Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-350-XXXXIndianolaRed Willow11055United States Cellular - Ne
308-352-XXXXGrantPerkins2970Great Plains Communications Inc
308-353-XXXXGrantPerkins2970Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-355-XXXXLemoyneKeith8368Keystone-Arthur Tel Co
308-357-XXXXCedar RapidsBoone5505Great Plains Communications Inc
308-358-XXXXCedar RapidsBoone5505Great Plains Communications Inc
308-360-XXXXGordonSheridan5469Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-362-XXXXMaywoodFrontier2756Consolidated Telco Inc
308-364-XXXXIndianolaRed Willow11055Great Plains Communications Inc
308-366-XXXXMaywoodFrontier2756Curtis Tel Co
308-367-XXXXMaywoodFrontier2756Curtis Tel Co
308-368-XXXXHersheyLincoln285407Hershey Coop Tel Co
308-370-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-372-XXXXRockvilleSherman3152Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-375-XXXXLebanonRed Willow11055Hartman Tel Exch Inc
308-377-XXXXDaltonCheyenne9998Dalton Tel Co
308-378-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-379-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-380-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-381-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-382-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-383-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607United States Cellular - Ne
308-384-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-385-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-386-XXXXSutherlandLincoln285407Great Plains Communications Inc
308-387-XXXXWallaceLincoln285407Consolidated Telco Inc
308-388-XXXXPleasantonBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-389-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-390-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-391-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607United States Cellular - Ne
308-392-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Ne
308-394-XXXXWaunetaChase3966Wauneta Tel Co
308-395-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-396-XXXXCedar RapidsBoone5505Great Plains Communications Inc
308-397-XXXXWaunetaChase3966Wauneta Tel Co
308-398-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-399-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Wwc Paging Corporation
308-408-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-414-XXXXImperialChase3966United States Cellular - Ne
308-420-XXXXBenkelmanDundy2008Benkelman Tel Co Inc
308-423-XXXXBenkelmanDundy2008Benkelman Tel Co Inc
308-424-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-425-XXXXFranklinFranklin3225Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-428-XXXXGreeleyGreeley2538Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-430-XXXXChadronDawes9182Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-432-XXXXChadronDawes9182Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-436-XXXXGeringScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-439-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-440-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-445-XXXXBig SpringsDeuel1941Qwest Corporation - Co
308-446-XXXXLitchfieldSherman3152Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-447-XXXXVenangoPerkins2970Great Plains Communications Inc
308-452-XXXXRavennaBuffalo46102Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-453-XXXXHarrisonSioux1311Golden West Tel Coop Inc
308-455-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Mci Metro Ats, Inc. - Ne
308-457-XXXXMillerBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-458-XXXXHyannisGrant2970Consolidated Tel Co
308-464-XXXXOgallalaKeith8368Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-467-XXXXRavennaBuffalo46102Sodtown Tel Co
308-468-XXXXGibbonBuffalo46102Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-470-XXXXFranklinFranklin3225Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-472-XXXXBertrandPhelps9188Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-473-XXXXOrleansHarlan3423Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-478-XXXXWilcoxKearney46102Great Plains Communications Inc
308-479-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-483-XXXXLodgepoleCheyenne9998Dalton Tel Co
308-485-XXXXCairoHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-486-XXXXEustisFrontier2756Consolidated Telecom, Inc.
308-487-XXXXHemingfordBox Butte11308Hemingford Coop Tel Co
308-489-XXXXBroadwaterMorrill5042United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-493-XXXXHolbrookFurnas4959Arapahoe Tel Co
308-496-XXXXNorth LoupValley517110Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-497-XXXXSpaldingGreeley2538Great Plains Communications Inc
308-510-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-520-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-522-XXXXAllianceBox Butte11308Sagir, Inc.
308-523-XXXXChadronDawes9182Sagir, Inc.
308-524-XXXXSidneyCheyenne9998Sagir, Inc.
308-525-XXXXChadronDawes9182Golden West Tel Coop Inc
308-526-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-527-XXXXSargentCuster10939Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-528-XXXXMindenKearney46102United States Cellular - Ne
308-529-XXXXGothenburgDawson24326Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-530-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-532-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-533-XXXXHalseyThomas647Consolidated Tel Co
308-534-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-535-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-536-XXXXFullertonNance3735Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-537-XXXXGothenburgDawson24326Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-538-XXXXDunningBlaine478Consolidated Tel Co
308-539-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407United States Cellular - Ne
308-544-XXXXWhitmanGrant2970Consolidated Tel Co
308-545-XXXXClarksMerrick7845Clarks Telecommunications Co.
308-546-XXXXMullenHooker736Consolidated Tel Co
308-547-XXXXBrewsterBlaine478Consolidated Tel Co
308-548-XXXXClarksMerrick7845Clarks Telecommunications Co.
308-550-XXXXFullertonNance3735Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-555-XXXXOmahaDouglas517110Qwest Corporation - Ia
308-562-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970New Cingular Wireless Pcs
308-563-XXXXHeartwellKearney46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-566-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-567-XXXXWilcoxKearney46102Great Plains Communications Inc
308-569-XXXXFarnamDawson24326Arapahoe Tel Co
308-571-XXXXSt PaulHoward6274United States Cellular - Ne
308-575-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-577-XXXXAshbyGrant2970Consolidated Tel Co
308-582-XXXXMaxwellLincoln285407Consolidated Telecom, Inc.
308-583-XXXXWood RiverHall58607Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-584-XXXXBradyLincoln285407Consolidated Telecom, Inc.
308-586-XXXXBayardMorrill5042United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-587-XXXXTryonMcpherson539Great Plains Communications Inc
308-588-XXXXBinghamSheridan5469Consolidated Tel Co
308-589-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607At&t - Local - Ne
308-594-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Nextel Communications, Inc.
308-615-XXXXChadronDawes9182Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-623-XXXXMitchellScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-624-XXXXCentral CityMerrick7845United States Cellular - Ne
308-627-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-628-XXXXComstockCuster10939Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-629-XXXXFort MorganMorgan0N E Colorado Cellular
308-630-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-631-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-632-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-633-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Allo Communications, Llc - Ne
308-635-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-636-XXXXStapletonLogan763Great Plains Communications Inc
308-637-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Sagir, Inc.
308-638-XXXXHay SpringsSheridan5469Great Plains Communications Inc
308-639-XXXXSenecaThomas647Consolidated Tel Co
308-640-XXXXGothenburgDawson24326Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-641-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-643-XXXXMernaCuster10939Consolidated Tel Co
308-645-XXXXThedfordThomas647Consolidated Tel Co
308-646-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Level 3 Communications, Llc - Co
308-647-XXXXSheltonBuffalo46102Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-648-XXXXSheltonBuffalo46102Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-650-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-651-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-652-XXXXStamfordHarlan3423Rural Tel Service Co Inc
308-653-XXXXEricsonWheeler818Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-654-XXXXBartlettWheeler818Northeast Nebraska Tel Co
308-655-XXXXArapahoeFurnas4959Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-660-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-663-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607N E Colorado Cellular
308-665-XXXXCrawfordDawes9182Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-667-XXXXCrawfordDawes9182Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-668-XXXXHarrisonSioux1311Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-672-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-673-XXXXBushnellKimball3821Dalton Tel Co
308-675-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-682-XXXXDixKimball3821Dalton Telephone Co.
308-684-XXXXMerrimanCherry5713Great Plains Communications Inc
308-687-XXXXSt LiboryHoward6274Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-692-XXXXBartleyRed Willow11055Cambridge Tel Co
308-694-XXXXCambridgeFurnas4959Pinpoint Wireless, Inc.
308-695-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Cambridge Tel Co
308-696-XXXXNorth PlatteLincoln285407Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-697-XXXXCambridgeFurnas4959Cambridge Tel Co
308-698-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-708-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102United States Cellular - Ne
308-716-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-726-XXXXKeystoneKeith8368Keystone-Arthur Tel Co
308-728-XXXXOrdValley517110Citizens Telecom Co Ne Dba Frontier Comm Of Ne
308-730-XXXXOrdValley517110Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-732-XXXXMason CityCuster10939Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-737-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-738-XXXXAshtonSherman3152Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-743-XXXXAxtellKearney46102Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-745-XXXXLoup CitySherman3152Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-746-XXXXLexingtonDawson24326Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-747-XXXXGordonSheridan5469Great Plains Broadband, Inc. - Ne
308-748-XXXXSenecaThomas647Consolidated Tel Co
308-749-XXXXAnselmoCuster10939Consolidated Tel Co
308-750-XXXXSaint PaulHoward6274Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-752-XXXXSumnerDawson24326Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-754-XXXXSt PaulHoward6274Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-760-XXXXAllianceBox Butte11308Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-761-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Allo Communications
308-762-XXXXAllianceBox Butte11308Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-763-XXXXAllianceBox Butte11308Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-764-XXXXArthurArthur460Consolidated Tel Co
308-765-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-767-XXXXSaint EdwardBoone5505Great Plains Broadband
308-770-XXXXOshkoshGarden2057Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-772-XXXXOshkoshGarden2057United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-773-XXXXSilver CreekMerrick7845Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-775-XXXXBloomingtonFranklin3225Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-778-XXXXLewellenGarden2057United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-783-XXXXMinatareScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-784-XXXXCozadDawson24326Cozad Tel Co
308-785-XXXXElwoodGosper2044Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-787-XXXXLymanScotts Bluff36970United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-789-XXXXArcadiaValley517110Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-795-XXXXPalmerMerrick7845Great Plains Communications Inc
308-799-XXXXRepublican CityHarlan3423Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-807-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Communications Of The Midwes
308-823-XXXXOxfordFurnas4959Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-824-XXXXOxfordFurnas4959Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-826-XXXXAmherstBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-830-XXXXMindenKearney46102Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-831-XXXXMindenKearney46102Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-832-XXXXMindenKearney46102Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-834-XXXXPurdumBlaine478Consolidated Tel Co
308-836-XXXXCallawayCuster10939Great Plains Communications Inc
308-838-XXXXLagrangeGoshen0United Tel Co Of The West - Wy
308-846-XXXXBushnellKimball3821Rt Communications
308-848-XXXXArnoldCuster10939Great Plains Communications Inc
308-850-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-856-XXXXElm CreekBuffalo46102Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-858-XXXXOcontoCuster10939Great Plains Communications Inc
308-859-XXXXStamfordHarlan3423Rural Tel Service Co Inc
308-862-XXXXRushvilleSheridan5469Golden West Tel Coop Inc
308-863-XXXXElbaHoward6274Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-865-XXXXKearneyBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-868-XXXXStamfordHarlan3423Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-870-XXXXBroken BowCuster10939Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-872-XXXXBroken BowCuster10939Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-874-XXXXChappellDeuel1941United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-876-XXXXLoomisPhelps9188Arapahoe Tel Co
308-879-XXXXPotterCheyenne9998United Tel Co Of The West - Ne
308-880-XXXXMernaCuster10939United States Cellular - Ne
308-882-XXXXImperialChase3966Great Plains Communications Inc
308-883-XXXXImperialChase3966Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-884-XXXXGurleyCheyenne9998Dalton Tel Co
308-889-XXXXBig SpringsDeuel1941Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-890-XXXXChappellDeuel1941Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-893-XXXXRiverdaleBuffalo46102Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-894-XXXXPalmerMerrick7845Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-895-XXXXDanburyRed Willow11055Hartman Tel Exch Inc
308-920-XXXXAlmaHarlan3423Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-925-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607Charter Fiberlink Nebraska
308-927-XXXXEdisonFurnas4959Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-928-XXXXAlmaHarlan3423Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-929-XXXXAlmaHarlan3423Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-930-XXXXGrand IslandHall58607United States Cellular - Ne
308-935-XXXXAnsleyCuster10939Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-938-XXXXHildrethFranklin3225Citizens Tel. Co. Of Nebraska, Llc
308-940-XXXXCentral CityMerrick7845Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-942-XXXXTaylorLoup632Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-946-XXXXCentral CityMerrick7845Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-947-XXXXCentral CityMerrick7845Cellular One Of Ne Colorado
308-962-XXXXArapahoeFurnas4959Arapahoe Tel Co
308-963-XXXXWellfleetLincoln285407Consolidated Telco Inc
308-968-XXXXCotesfieldHoward6274Great Plains Communications Inc
308-981-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Allo Communications
308-986-XXXXChapmanMerrick7845Great Plains Communications Inc
308-987-XXXXOvertonDawson24326Arapahoe Tel Co
308-990-XXXXScottsbluffScotts Bluff36970Tracy Corporation Ii
308-991-XXXXHoldregePhelps9188Alltel Comm. Holdings Of The Midwes
308-994-XXXXHoldregePhelps9188Pinpoint Communications, Inc. - Ne
308-995-XXXXHoldregePhelps9188Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-996-XXXXBoelusHoward6274Nebraska Central Tel Co
308-997-XXXXMc CookRed Willow11055Qwest Corporation - Ne
308-999-XXXXHoldregePhelps9188United States Cellular - Ne



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